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Do you pull-ups and get exercised with sustainable design! 

If you are a fan of natural materials & great design and your home gym reflects this love as well, you can now equip your space with wooden pull-up & stretching bar. We do believe that maintaining an active lifestyle should not require compromising on the home interior and we truly believe that FunActive equipment fits this requirement ;)

Pull-up bar color: Raw beech wood DIY
Pull-up bar - additional fixings: 0 pcs.
Pull-up bar size: Under the door frame 70cm


The direction is UP!!! Do your pull-up and get exercised with sustainable, Scandinavian designed wooden pull-up bar! NUKI bar is designed locally in our studio and made entirely in the EU from solid beech wood. It’s been developed to support an active lifestyle without compromising on design or sustainable values.

Our unique FunActive pull-up bar is a piece of fitness furniture which allows for a variety of strength exercises. Great for toning and strengthening body muscles set up on a door frame on appropriate level can be used for chin-ups and pull-ups. Doesn’t matter what age you are - it’s all about your core strength!

It can also be used as a platform for FunActive gym rings. Such combination gives the ultimate choice for pull-ups and assisted rows whilst its design ensures that it’ll blend in with the rest of your home decor. 



The FunActive pull-bar was created out of daily needs for active fun in the home space, when we noticed that an elementary part of our Funactive  gymnastic wall bar can become a brand new product. Modular Funactive bars disassembly system allows the family members to use it in the most safe and adapted to children age way. It means that two-year-old child won’t climb higher than his motor skills and phisical abilities allow. In the same time older sibling together with parents can use the Funactive as high as they can afford ;)

This added value of wooden bars brought a new vision with similar gymnastic functionality, on a smaller scale.

This is how a multi-purpose and multi-dimensional bar was created, designed for a healthy and active lifestyle, even when there is no space for a climbing wall or gymnastic ladder.



Changing bar height is very easy to assemble and you can be sure it won’t be in the way when closing the door. You can easily take it off anytime you have such need with vertical-horizontical hand movement.

Wooden safety shaped locks prevents the bar from falling down accidentally and makes it possible to use the pull-up & stretching bar in multiple spaces and heights. Adding extra locks below regular height gives you a multifunctional bar for the minis of the family. The lower assembling height allows your child to stretch whilst having fun activities. When you add our gym rings, this version works perfectly as a swing option without drilling into the ceiling ;)



Assembling couple of locks underneath gives entire family great options not only for upper muscles exercises but also for building stronger bodies with barre workouts that infuse power into every movement. 

Use our Funactive bar and combine it with elements of Pilates, yoga and other strength training workouts fused into a ballet-inspired barre workout. You will experience unthinkable flexibility, total-body definition, and metabolism-boosting long-lasting endurance.

The movements will keep you and your family "working in the muscle," using minimal range of motion that relies on control rather than momentum. When you think you can't possibly go an cm lower, you get to stretch and lengthen the muscles just worked—this is the same technique used by dancers to elongate their legs.



Funactive bar doesn’t have to be permanently installed on the door frame, so it can be used for both of its functions whenever needed. It can become a stretching bar - a great tool for recovery and loosening tight back & shoulder muscles but also a light-weight and easy to use form for everyday stretching and many different mobility exercises. In addition, it’s very useful for stretching before and after intensive pull-up workouts.



FunActive bar is made of carefully crafted, sustainable beech wood, which makes it pleasant to touch and offers a comfortable grip. The oval shape makes it super safe and more secure whilst catching. The neutral-grip has a width of 30 mm for comfort of whole family.

The FunActive gymnastic bar is made entirely of carefully treated, durable beech wood, thanks to which it is silky smooth to the touch. Beech wood is harder, more durable than pine wood, and most importantly, it does not have splinters unlike other softer wood species.

The oval shape of the stick makes it more secure when catching and provides a comfortable grip. The neutral-grip of 30 mm width perfectly suits whole family hands and guarantees not only the safety but also the great functionality comfort even by the minis ;)… cause Funactive pull-up bar is an extraordinary one, it is:

  • reliable construction based on the strength of solid beech wood
  • flexibility of mounting height for varied training
  • manual grinding in combination with 2 layers of varnish (white shade) or oil oak shade)
  • easy and super fast assembly
  • solid beech in three colors: natural, bleached and white
  • load capacity 150 kg, three lengths tailored to your door: 70, 80, 90 cm 

Data sheet

FSC-certified Wood
100% solid, hand sanded Beech wood, strong due to the slow-growing process in cold European forests
The furniture is next-generation flat-packed to reduce the carbon footprint on storage and transportation. We are packaging with minimal use of plastic and we use recyclable packaging
Long-life furniture
NUKI item itself is built for years, our best statement against the throw-away culture destroying our environment
2 layers of certified EU wax oil
7 days

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