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Kids swing Circle

Price €89.00
Get your spontaneity back. Bring back your inner child. Swing, play, laugh and never ever stop having fun with NUKI swings.  Certified wood,...

Kids Swing Rectangle

Price €99.00
Get your spontaneity back. Bring back you inner child. Swing, play, laugh and never ever stop having fun.  Certified wood, zero-waste ropes and eco...

Kids Swing Surfboard

Price €129.00
Fun, joy, movement, activity. We combined the features that define the NUKI swings collection with the naturalness of birch wood and local...

Kids Swing Skateboard

Price €129.00
Fun, joy, movement, activity. We combined the features that define the NUKI swings collection with the naturalness of birch wood and local...
Kids Swing XL natural by Nuki with pink rope

Kids Swing XL natural

Price €149.00
Fun, joy, movement, activity. We combined the features that define the NUKI swings collection with the naturalness of birch wood and local...

Kids swing Trapeze

Price €99.00
Fun, joy, movement, activity. We combined the features that define the NUKI swings collection with the naturalness of birch wood and local...
Gymnastic rings FunActive NUKI with 0-waste eco rope

Gymnastic Rings FUNACTIVE

Price €99.00
Swing, play, laugh and never ever stop having fun with NUKI gym rings! Classic, fun, functional and beautiful way to stay fit define the FunActive...


Unique wooden swings made of natural materials for your child’s room

NUKI offers high quality children’s toys and accessories, created with care for every single detail. Buying our products you may be certain that you’ve made the right choice and your child can just focus on having a great time. 

We have created a line of beautiful toys and accessories, which includes also baby wooden swings. Choose a swing for your little one’s room with a soft and comfortable seat, perfectly tailored to the exact height, weight and age of the child. Our original design not only decorates but also guarantees full safety and comfort for the child during the use of our child swing. 

NUKI swing – careful manufacture and the best materials

What toddler doesn’t love spending time on a swing? Slow rocking is not only a way to have fun but also helps to calm down and relax. Our swings meet stringent quality standards, so you can be sure you may trust the highest quality and safety.

All NUKI kids swings are created from scratch, using only the best materials. This guarantees precise craftsmanship and credible durability, as well as beautiful design of each product, kept in a simple and natural style. We choose (birch and beech) wood and we rely only on materials with increased wear resistance. While developing our trapeze swing, we keep the use of synthetic materials to a minimum. Therefore we focus mainly on natural, beautiful and durable raw materials. Our swings will serve your child and decorate their room for many years!

Baby swing – having safety in mind

Above all, we care about your child’s safety! The design of each wooden swing is meant to minimise the risk of possible contact with any sharp or moving parts. In this way, the baby’s hands and skin are protected and the toddler himself can safely explore every piece of their new toy. 

The bedroom or playroom is a place that should be free of any harmful substances. Our furniture and swings are manufactured using safe and approved products, minimising the contact with irritating formulations for the protection of wood or other surfaces. We decide on high quality oils and products that are safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Choose quality from NUKI! 

Ergonomically designed wooden swing for children of all ages

The most important thing is to play comfortably. Each of our swings has been created to meet the needs of children of different ages. These products are equipped with a completely comfortable seat that can be easily adjusted. 

We recommend a wide range of trapeze swings that can be used by children of all ages. But NUKI offers many other models of swings, such as sensory circles, rectangles or skatboards, gym rings and surfboard, as well as pull-up bars. These models are designed for older users, over 3 years of age, and can be used as an extra seat in the room, a place to play or to read some favourite books.

When choosing such a model, however, please pay attention to the weight of your child and the maximum load capacity of a given kids swing. 

Indoor swing baby – hang anywhere you want

Unique feature of our swings is their natural finish. This means that wood, although durable and hard-wearing, shouldn’t be exposed to weather conditions such as rain or sunlight. NUKI child swings are dedicated to household use or occasional use in the garden or on the terrace. But you can hang the swing anywhere at home, like e.g. in your child’s room.

Particular products offer also height adjustment, so it’s easy to fit the swing into your interior. The toy can find its place in the playroom, living room or be mounted on a door frame. The length of the ropes can be adjusted while assembling. For non-adjustable swings, you can get an extra suspension rope so that the seat can be hanged lower. 

Proper development – wooden swing for your child’s room

Children of all ages just love swings. That’s because rocking and swaying in the seat is a movement that has a calming and relaxing effect. Many children calms down on a swing. For others, it will be a lot of fun when the parent gently rocks their seat. You can even choose a kids swing decorated with wooden elements, for example in the shape of balls, which are perfect also as a sensory toy.

The baby swings available in our offer are usually wooden, with a solid frame and soft cushions. This wooden seat construction provides the child with safety. For even better cushioning and comfort, the frame is completed with a fabric seat or additional cushions with filling. It ensures that our products support the child’s body perfectly and adapt to its shape. This is a very important quality especially for the youngest children, as the comfortable seat is essential for a growing body, both for bones and muscles.

Excellent design and precision of finish by NUKI

Our products are characterised by precision of workmanship. We focus on simplicity and high quality, which you will surely appreciate. All wooden elements are laser-cut and carefully sanded so that they are not dangerous for children’s hands. The swing with safety belt is completed with durable textile accessories such as ropes, webbing, cushions and seats. We use durable and hard-wearing materials and – what really matters – it’s natural and perfectly durable. 

Unique aesthetic of NUKI swings 

We are particularly proud of the unique design of NUKI products, inspired by nature and the raw Scandinavian style. These are reminiscent of good old-fashioned toys and traditional methods of production. We focus on minimalist design and a soft colour palette: white, pastels, soft greys and the beautiful texture of natural wood. This combination will work in any children’s room, but not only there: with our good design and workmanship, your child’s accessories will look great in any possible interior. Our toys look very classic, regardless of the passage of time.

However, NUKI wooden swings are distinguished by modern solutions and details. We use the best tools in production and create each design having in mind your child’s comfort, safety and satisfaction. We take care of every smallest detail so that you can get a top quality product. 

Kids swing solo or in set: choose whatever you want

Our products are available also in sets with assembly elements. Thus, in your package you will receive all the necessary elements to hang your indoor swing baby in the chosen place. We guarantee the highest quality and durability.

Just check out the products available in our offer. NUKI baby swings are available in many beautiful colours and models. This is the perfect gift idea for the little ones in your family. Choose the swing that enhances the decor of your home or your child’s room.

Swing in the baby’s room – fashionable accessory, created for the needs of the youngest

Swings are one of the most popular toys for little ones. No wonder since they are one of the first accessories that can be used by babies even in the first months of life. Swinging calms your child and a swing hanging in a room beautifully complements its decor.

How to choose the perfect swing? Start with high-quality materials and durable construction. In case of accessories for little babies, the finish of even the tiniest details matters as they are crucial for your child’s comfort and safety.

Open swing for children – suitable for children over 3 years

For the child who is already 3, you can pick wooden swing in other variants as well. Most children at this age are focused on movement and activity. Closed seat, from which you have to take your child out every time, may be less practical at this point. For the older child we have prepared the NUKI suspended seat in the form of a swing cave and for enthusiasts of activity and dynamic playing we offer a swing that looks a bit like a surfboard ans skateboard.

However, not every child likes such intensive play. For toddlers, who like to spend time reading their favourite books and painting, you may choose a decorative swing in the XL shape. This will work well as a comfortable seat where even a parent can have fun ;) When choosing a baby wooden swing, consider especially the age and weight of your child. Together you can choose the colour and rope type of the indoor swing so that your child can also decide on how their room will look – and you can be absolutely sure you’ve made the right choice. NUKI child swings are designed to meet the needs of children of different ages.

Durable swing hook – the finest materials 

Our swing hooks are sold in sets, so you don’t need to look for any additional components such as screws on your own. This guarantees the highest level of safety and ease of assembly. Ready set of baby swing hook includes: 

  • steel ceiling swing bracket, 
  • steel snap hooks, 
  • screws (for wood and concrete).

The swing bracket is made of stainless steel and resistant to damage. Each element can be loaded up to 200 kg (440 lbs). The mounting set is ideally adapted to baby swings, jumpers and hanging tents. It can also be used to assemble chairs and hammocks for adults. Metal snap hooks are robust so they won’t deform over time. As the clasp is really easy to use, the swing can be removed quickly, but at the same time the swing hook will not open unintended. This ensures that the entire structure is properly secured. 

Pro-ecologicanl & 0-WASTE swing ropes – fix the seat at the right height

The safety of your child is essential. We suggest that after the swing is hanged, its seat is not higher than 50 cm from the floor. This can be a huge problem if the particular room is very high. In such a situation, using additional swing ropes is a key. 

These swing accessories are made from sailing cotton rope and metal elements that allow to attach a swing extension. Sailing rope is extremely damage-resistant, durable and characterized by increased resistance to abrasion as its maximum load capacity is up to 400 kg (880 lbs). We love all shades of beige and we think that this colour goes perfectly with our products. That’s why we decided to keep all our swing ropes in this colourway. Just like the toys themselves, the assembly accessories have no sharp edges that could hurt your child’s skin.

What you need for assembly of the swing from NUKI

If you’re not sure what elements are necessary to assemble your swing, choose a ready set that includes everything you may need. Ready kit children’s swing consists of a swing with all required swing assembly elements. You can also select smaller sets, in which we have collected swing ropes of different lengths, together with bolts and snap hooks. This makes it easier for you to stock up on all the needed items. Remember that when you buy from us, you can be sure that the elements you choose will be compatible with one another.

Please note that by mounting a jumping swing on a door frame, it’s worth getting assembly springs as well. This allows the toy to make this characteristic movement that reminds the baby of being in mother’s belly. Our ceiling hooks are additionally equipped with a safety line, which prevents the spring from overstretching. This extends the durability of the components and prevents damage.

An important element of NUKI gym rings is the easy-to-use height adjustment system, thanks to which older children and their parents can easily practice their strength, balance, and flexibility.

Taking care of your family's safety, we used an extremely durable sailing rope with a 10mm dia., a 24-strand braid, and a breaking strength of 1240 daN. You can choose from 8 different color variations of the NUKI gym rings and one of them is something we’re proud of - the "0 WASTE" rope. 

It’s the first such socially responsible rope in history. Its braid is made of fiber production allowances that have not been used up during the braiding of other ropes. An additional advantage is an irregular arrangement and color of the braid, which makes this pro-ecological rope stand out from other ropes available on the market. From the technological side, the rope maintains the highest standards of quality and safety of use. The material used in its production boasts high flexibility, good strength, and extraordinary durability, while not catching dirt.

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