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eco climbing wall natural

Eco climbing wall panel

Price €159.00
This Modular eco climbing wall panel is not just an ordinary one. It's handcrafted from certified plywood, designed, crafted at Nuki Studio. Down...
multicolor climbing holds on the home climbing wall NUKI

Climbing Wall Panel

Price €159.00
This Modular climbing wall panel is not just an ordinary one. It's handmade from natural plywood, designed, crafted at Nuki Studio. Down to the...

Climbing Wall Big Mountain

Price €689.00
To climb mountain peaks every day, in your room? Why not! We have designed a climbing wall perfect for every mountain enthusiast! You can climb on...

Climbing Wall Small Mountain

Price €599.00
To climb mountain peaks every day, in your room? Why not! We have designed a climbing wall perfect for every mountain enthusiast! You can climb on...

Climbing Wall Mountains

Price €1,279.00
To climb mountain peaks every day, in your room? Why not! We have designed a climbing wall perfect for every mountain enthusiast! You can climb on...
climbing wall cloud by NUKI in natural wood color

Climbing Wall Cloud

Price €109.00
We have designed a product perfect for everyday dreamer! You can dream, climb, stretch and spend your time creatively on our climbing CLOUD!
Climbing holds by NUKI mix colors

Climbing Holds

Price €24.00
Climbing holds set is a base for using of any NUKI climbing wall. Made of durable resin, mounted in holes prepared in our walls, provide the...

Mounting Kit for climbing wall

Price €5.00
NUKI climbing wall MOUNTING KIT is a compatible part of your climbing wall module. Durable metal from which it’s made off provides the highest...

Climbing walls

Good time full of activity and challenges – climbing wall in the child’s room

Wondering how to offer your child the opportunity to play actively, even while staying at home? Bad weather can disrupt all plans for a fun walk together or time spent on the playground. To ensure extraordinary entertainment at home, NUKI prepared a selection of toys for children who love physical activity and challenges.

A children climbing indoor is a unique accessory that helps you keep every child busy, even the ones which are full of energy. Right now, with just a few basic elements, you can create a personalised wall with climbing wall module, which size and complexity can be easily adapted to your child’s abilities. 

Strengthening the whole body muscles on the climbing wall modules

Many children love climbing trees, jumping and training their agility while playing. If your little one also prefers to spend time actively, take some time and arrange a climbing wall for them at home. Climbing is an ideal exercise for the whole body. It helps to strengthen muscles and train a firm grip. At the same time, such an activity also requires some concentration and planning skills. Where to place your foot? Which stone is best to grab and which one to leave free so that you can move easier? Provide your child with the right support for healthy psychomotor development of the whole body!

The NUKI climbing wall for kids will be an excellent option for all children over the age of 3. We offer climbing bars in the form of easy-to-assemble panels that can be freely extended with additional elements and holders, which gives you an opportunity to create a unique attraction that your child will love. 

NUKI wooden climbing wall – best quality materials and workmanship

Trust our quality promise! NUKI products are characterised by the highest precision of manufacturing and the selection of the best materials. This allows us to guarantee precise craftsmanship and credible durability, as well as beautiful design of each product, kept in a simple and natural style. Our offer also includes climbing wall modules for children. Both colour versions are made of high quality materials, ensuring safe use and resistance to damage. The wall modules – made from non-toxic CNC-cut plywood – are thick enough to bear the weight of a child’s body. 

Special climbing holds for wall, made of resin and sand, are mounted to the climbing wall. They are extremely durable and resistant to damage. You need to fix them to the panel with stainless steel screws and nuts. The highest quality materials ensure the durability of wall climbing toys and at the same time full safety for all little users.

Safety during active play – indoor climbing

We deeply care about the safety of our little customers. The place where your child spends the most time, i.e. his bedroom and playroom, must be free of allergens and harmful substances. We know how important it is to be comfortable while playing, so our products are protected with certified preparations. We use only high quality products that are approved for contact with children’s sensitive skin and we also pay attention to the precise finish of the wood. The modules are free of sharp edges and defects that could hurt or cut someone. Choose quality from NUKI!

Ergonomic climbing wall holds for kids to fit child’s hand

Climbing holds for wall should be selected for each plywood panel. NUKI focuses on elements made of a special material that consists of a combination of resin and sand. This makes them durable, anti-slip and break-proof. They are moisture resistant and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. However, due to the natural finish of the wall modules, we recommend to use it mostly at home. 

Each grip is attached with a screw and nut, made of stainless steel. They provide a permanent connection to the climbing wall module, but can be also easily removed and mounted again, which allows the final result to be adapted to the child’s needs.We offer sets of handles in various shapes, sized to fit the child’s hand. While climbing, the child practices their hand and finger muscles, which is important for supporting the development of fine motor skills. Climbing wall holds for kids are available in a variety of pastel shades that are clearly visible on the surface of the wall, but also go well with a minimalist finish. 

Climbing toys easy to assemble on the wall 

Each climbing wall comes with a set of screws needed to mount the elements to the wall. Similarly in case of climbing holds. This makes mounting and adjusting the spacing between the grips as well as further extending the climbing wall extremely easy. 

NUKI climbing handles are strong and durable – each one is designed to hold up to 100 kg (220 lbs). The wall can be used by children over 3 years old and a properly installed climbing wall module can support a person weighing less than 150 kg (330 lbs). We took care of selecting all mounting elements that enable safe assembly of the holds, which guarantees a lot of fun for every user of the wall.

Functional design – climbing wall tailored to specific needs

Explore the highest quality of our products, tested and approved numerous times, at each stage of production. We go, however, a step further. Instead of a universal wall that your child will quickly grow up with, we decided for a modular design. This enables the kids climbing wall module wood  to change and adjust to the needs of the growing children. How does it work? 

Each board is a base and wave-shaped cut-outs on the edges allow you to put additional pieces there. This way, depending on how much wall space you have, you can gradually add or change the position of the boards. The same applies to climbing wall holds for kids. You can freely choose as many as you wish and place them in the prepared holes. This will allow you to create a unique climbing wall module to suit your child’s height and age! 

NUKI aesthetics – climbing wall modules in soft colours

Are aesthetic and consistent look of your child’s room important to you? If so, our toys will make it easy to achieve a desired result. We offer accessories in bright colours and finish. The wall is available both in a natural wood as well as in white. Elements are compatible with each other – so you can freely combine all of them. On sale there are also different coloured climbing holds for kids. The pastel colours blend well with the wood and Yarnwood to make climbing easier for your baby. 

Our toys are inspired by Scandinavian style. They will look good in any modern interior, including children’s bedrooms or playrooms. A neutral finish in a light colour will also work well if you decide to mount a wall in your living room. Experience the exceptional quality and beautiful finish of NUKI products. In our offer you will also find useful accessories that can be matched with toys such as climbing walls or other elements for home baby gym.

Climbing wall in your child’s room? Being active and having fun at the same time? What a great idea! 

Nowadays, it is not difficult to realise that many children do not get enough physical activity throughout the day. There are many reasons for this, from bad weather that makes it difficult to go to the playground, up to spending too much time in front of the computer screen. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the design of your child’s room so that it encourages more active play.

A climbing wall modules is perhaps not the first solution that comes to a parent’s mind but it’s definitely one worth considering. Climbing is beneficial for the development of the whole body. And if your child can also exercise safely under your supervision? 

What are the advantages of climbing

Climbing is an activity that involves almost your entire body. You have to work on your muscle strength and concentration to be able to hold on and pull yourself up on the bars. The children climbing indoor is therefore an excellent equipment to support the psychomotor development of every child.

Muscle development

Active play is not only fun, but also helps to continuously strengthen the whole body. Climbing activates all your muscles!

Fine motor skills

Gripping and pulling up on climbing rocks trains especially the small muscles in your hands. Proper mobility and strength are essential for children, for example, while learning how to write, draw or use cutlery.


When climbing, you need to be not only strong but also agile and able to move smoothly.

Strategic thinking

By figuring out which route is best for climbing the wall, your child also learns how to think strategically and how to solve the problems.

Enjoying challenges

Challenges and competition are essential elements of playing. These are also present during climbing activities, especially when siblings or friends are involved.

Climbing wall for kids – professional mini equipment

As a parent you may be concerned about the quality of your indoor climbing wall. After all, it’s an equipment that is often associated with some dedicated rooms, belaying and advanced accessories.

NUKI climbing wall modules have been designed to guarantee maximum safety for the youngest users. Every child should be able to play comfortably and learn about healthy competition and overcoming obstacles. However, it is worth paying particular attention to a safe environment where children can do so. And here is a professional climbing wall for the little ones!

The climbing wall modules units are made of high-quality wooden plywood. Each element is laser-cut and suitable for mounting on the wall. What’s more, the wall can be completed with a mattress that provides cushioning and additional protection while playing.

Climbing wall holds for kids

Comfort and safety are primarily determined by the right climbing holds for wall. NUKI products are complemented by the best holds manufacturer, made of durable resin.

It is essential for your child’s safety that the handles are equipped with the Explosion Proof system. Inside each handle there are special springs that keep the handle in one piece, even if it gets damaged. This way the holder will be permanently fixed to the wall.

Challenges suited to the child’s skills and age

Wall climbing toys for child’s room are made to easily adapt to the needs of your kid. NUKI has a variety of sets and single units that can be assembled and combined together.

Using different units and holds allows you to arrange the elements on the wall as you like. You can also decide on the position and number of holds used on each of the panels. This way, the kids indoor climbing wall modules may expand and develop as the children get older. This also makes it easier to mount the elements taking into consideration the size and height of the room.

The wall is suitable for children from 3 years of age. For how long? Well, our climbing wall modules are designed to hold up to 330 lbs (150 kg). This will definitely be enough for at least a few years of fun – always keeping your child entertained, active and challenged.

Climbing walls – indoors and outdoors

Children love games and physical activities that include some kind of challenge or competition. It’s a way to release extra energy and learn new skills. Bouldering fits perfectly into the category of this type of activity.

Bouldering is a type of climbing, usually practiced without a belay. Climbing, for example on a specially prepared wall, is based on finding support for the feet and hands on climbing holds.The climbing wall can be used by your child indoors as well – you can mount wooden panels with holds in the room or playroom, and create a perfectly tailored path for your child.

However, a climbing space can also be prepared without having to install any larger elements in your house. You can do this outdoors, especially if you have a garden or often go to the park with your child. Playing outdoors is an excellent way to spend your free time and connect with nature. Make sure, however, that you choose the highest quality materials for your garden 

Climbing kit & Rock climbing holds 

Kids climbing wall holds are made from glass fibre reinforced concrete, which ensures that the material is durable, light and slip-resistant. The grips are shaped to fit the child’s hand so your little climbing fan is comfortable while playing. At NUKI we focus on the highest quality to ensure your baby’s safety.

The great advantage of using a climbing kit is how easy it is to assemble and how quickly you can remove the elements from the tree trunk. This makes it perfect for use in the garden, on trips to the park or while playing outdoors with your child. And what is especially important: you can play without damaging the tree. Practical and eco-friendly!

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