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If you are looking for the perfect way to harness your child's energy, NUKI has something special for you. Transform your child's room into a crazy amusement park with our modular climbing wall. Made of the best quality birch plywood, this climbing wall will perfectly fit into your interior, offering your child an amazing outlet for his inexhaustible energy.

Guaranteed safety - each wall is made with great attention to detail, using the latest technologies, so you can be sure that you will receive a solid, safe and resistant product. As the name suggests, modular walls can be combined with each other, so you have complete freedom in designing an entertainment space for your child.

The modular climbing wall is adapted to the assembly of various types of climbing holds. Each of the holes has a socket to which you can safely screw the climbing grip. This solution makes it possible to smoothly rotate the handles, which diversifies the use of the wall, because our youngest very efficiently overcome each of the goals set for them. The climbing wall also has many advantages when it comes to building the correct posture in children, it is recommended by specialists and strengthens the muscle base of the youngest. However, remember about safety and do not allow children to climb alone, use specialized climbing harnesses and a safety rope. The height of home climbing walls is usually not high, but the safety of the youngest is the most important thing, let's not remember about it.