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Let’s rock with the FUNactive rocking arch!

Climber which grows with your Little one!

Meet NUKI climbing arch perfect for children starting to pull-up and stand, as well as for the active toddlers, who like to climb and slide down the ramp.

"Movement is the first language of the brain" - Dr Emmi Pikler



Let your child practice physical activities while developing decision making skills. Every climb is an exercise and a puzzle at the same time what's more important FUNactive pikler makes the climbing activity safe and highly entertaining for your little one.

The freedom of movement is very important in a healthy and natural development of children and they should not be rushed into faster physical development. To promote healthy joints, muscles and bones, your child should learn all movement skills by himself. Your child will know by himself when he is ready for more advanced movements and activities. FUNactive climbing arch provides a safe and inspiring environment and which helps to become more agile with each day!

NUKI rocker little form develops sensorial integration and self-regulation growth of the little ones. Designed to play with children in calmness and safety in rocking. Created to encourage the youngest children:

  • to learn to navigate at their own pace, 
  • develop their gross motor skills and agility,
  • physical strength and balance control whilst playing,
  • expand creativity and fun of imagination!,
  • to share with other little ones at the same time & play,
  • for independence since your child will start playin more & more without your involvement. 


Each wooden rocker table top is hand oiled with ecological bee oil-wax safe for children, which is followed by the incredible smoothness & safety of the product. The reason why FUNactive climbing rods are untreated is because it would make climbing harder and can be unsafe.

The FUNactive pikler is designed to be used from 6 months to around 6 years, ideal for little ones to grab and use to support themselves while they learn to stand. For older children, the wooden arch can be used for climbing or turned upside down to create a unique balance board.

Crafted from a combination of sustainable birch wood and engineered beech timber, our climbing arch is super sturdy and once assembled can be combined with additional NUKI home gym products to create gymnastic fun which never ends!

NUKI products are made with premium, consciously-sourced material so rest assured they’ll last you a lifetime. Plywood is one of the strongest natural materials. Made of mulit-layers birch wood, carefully selected for its durability and beauty, it delights. Subdued natural color of birch wood and beech timber will bring a touch of nature to your family interiors. Classic hues that make a statement but will stand the test of time.



NUKI climbing arch when turned upside down works as a rocker perfect for little pirates to voyage in or to be used as a dreamy naptime nest. When turn on a side can become s a play fort, a goal or as a little one's gym. Cover it with a blanket and place a cushion underneath to turn it into a play fort or hang sensory stimuli from few of the top rungs to turn it into a baby gym. In its arch position FUNactive rocker works also as a perfect indoor football goal or as goal for pretty much any fun and games the kids might come up with!

  • multifunctional piece of fun:  climbing arch | rocker | kids desk | pikler | play fort | baby gym | toys storage | side table 
  • modern design, instant classic, bulid to last 
  • birchwood top and beech timber rods carefully selected to last a lifetime
  • finished with hand-polished and rounded edges 
  • untreated wood rods provides a better connection & safety whilst climbing
  • from 6 months up to 6 years helps little ones to stand, to climb or and get their balance 
  • we respect your time with quick & easy assembly

When turned on the other side, so that the backboard of the arch is facing up the climbing arch can be used as a table. Place it against a wall to act as a side table or combine with a FLEX chair or KOLA balancing ball to use it as a kids’ activity table for painting, crafting, and playing. If you turn the arch on its side so that the backboard is facing the floor and push it against a wall, it becomes a toy storage. Great for big stuffed animals or for pillows and blankets!xxx




All thanks to where we come from. From the prenatal period, when we learned the calm movement of rocking, that's why rocking allows many children to fall asleep. Whoever has experienced evening fun in the belly knows that it is difficult to overlook them, because the child wakes up only when Mom goes to bed - to sleep... If we give children enough space and natural to tools for free movement & growth they will move beautifully, simply, confidently & naturally and that's what our FUNactive pikler is for.


Nursing mothers certainly appreciate hammocks in which they can hide with their child and discreetly feed them, and at the same time lull them to sleep. A cradled toddler remembers the reality of his mother's belly, where he was warm and good. For the same reason, a rocked baby falls asleep faster, and lulling himself to sleep is one of the oldest traditions passed down from generation to generation.Your child's development is s rooted in two main branches - brain and body development. The brain development roots for the importance of the pikler approach and other modern childcare philosophies are based on neuroscience: 

  • during the first 3 years of children lives they develop neuron connections and by age 3 little ones have 2 times as many synapses as they will have in adult life,
  • babies brain grows up to 80% of what they will have in adulthood so all of the groundwork for the human brain is being done in early childhood which includes language, communication patterns, behavioural systems, rules, oneself, and also physical coordination.



Beech wood is less susceptible to scratches and damage than pine wood, which is used for cheaper production of most beds and cradles. Thanks to its hardness, durability and great quality, it is safer for your child than any other wood. Our craftsmanship is a true labour of love. We endeavour to make NUKI products the best they can be, from the wood we select from sustainable plantations all the way to the delicate hand sanding of the finest details. As well as our easy-to-follow instructions, the quality of our hardware means putting your climbing arch together should be fuss-free and a memory to treasure.

Designed to last, every FUNactive rocker is made using sustainably sourced wood, without the use of MDF, chipboard or veneer. Everything we create, we build for years, which is our best expression of opposition to the throwaway culture that destroys the environment. Solid beech is not only the nobleness of the raw material, but also its great resistance to wear and bending, better stiffness and lack of any splinters due to compact wood fibers.

All this provide your family with the highest quality a piece of wooden furniture, preserving the beauty of nature. Using the best production technologies, our multifunctional cot bed has almost imperceptible fasteners, giving it extraordinary safety & subtlety whilst use.



Are you fed up with hours spent assembling furniture? NUKI facilitates and streamlines this process. Along with the furniture, you get an intuitive manual for use and assembly of your unique piece of furniture. For security reasons, we recommend that tall rack configurations are attached to the wall.

We pack your climbing arch flat to ensure safety during transport, easy lifting and carrying, as well as reduce the carbon footprint. The packaging is also environmentally friendly, made of recycled cardboard.

Data sheet

Material type
solid beech and birch wood
Plywood is considered more environmentally friendly than solid wood by using lower-grade wood and optimizing the use of timber resources. Plywood production can reduce the overall demand for high-quality timber, thus helping to conserve forests.
FSC-certified Wood
Solid and hand sanded Beech wood, strong due to the slow-growing process in cold European forests
More durable than a wood
Plywood is engineered by layering thin wood veneers together with their grains perpendicular to one another, which provides enhanced strength and stability compared to solid wood. This reduces the tendency of plywood warping, twisting, or splitting.
Scratch and damage resistance
Beech wood is less prone to scratches and damage than pine wood - the one used mainly for cheeper and worse quality cots & cradles production.
Birch wood is naturally hard and dense, which provides good resistance against scratches and dents. When birch veneers are used in plywood construction, their inherent hardness contributes to the overall scratch resistance of the plywood.
The furniture is next-generation flat-packed to reduce the carbon footprint on storage and transportation. We are packaging with minimal use of plastic and we use recyclable packaging
Long-life furniture
NUKI item itself is built for years, our best statement against the throw-away culture destroying our environment
birch plywood (desk top and ramp) - children safe oil waxed; beech rods - untreated hand sanded wood
89x43x34 cm, rods - 55cm
Care instruction
wipe with a damp cloth, do not use detergents or corrosive cleaning agents
Country of origin
made in Poland

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