Convertible Cot Bed 3-in-1 RUNO - Beech wood

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Sustainable 3-in-1 Cot bed design with nature at heart 

RUNO the scalable co-sleeping cot that adapts to your needs. The cot base is adjustable in multi-heights, so the cot bed will suit every stage of your child’s development. RUNO covers the baby’s and parent’s need for intimacy and security during their first time together.

Transform your interior into a calm nursery space where the parenthood love bond begins. Pushing the boundaries of traditional cot design, we expertly crafted RUNO from sustainable solid wood into a beautifully soft rounded shape, which gives your child a sense of security while sleeping.  

Furniture color: natural
Mattress: No


RUNO was created for the bond so that your child could feel the connection for the very first days of new born life. We truly believe that sleeping close to your baby covers basic need when the newborn can feel mom’s love. This need can be satisfied as long as it takes, because we know that the period of motherhood first months passes too quickly, despite its intensity. 

NUKI ultimate sleeptime solution allows both parents to use cosleeping as long as they wish ensuring a better sleep for mom & dad and the baby with total safety.  Continuous height adjustment ensures a precise relationship with the parents' bed

The RUNO unique shape with removable side offers maximum touch & visibility, especially when placed in the parents bedroom, making the cot an ideal alternative to traditional bedside sleepers during those early stages. 

Our cot bed features adjustable mattress heights, which can be raised or lowered to any parents bed height which makes it perfect  adaptable option by providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your baby.



Birth, learning early parenthood and the tiniest little thing, developmental leaps, entering the preschool stage and the constant growth and development of your child. From the first day of his life, until around 5 years, RUNO will cover your child’s life needs:

  • 0-0,5 year - co-sleeper for newborns & infants 
  • 0,5–2 years - baby crib for infants & toddlers
  • 2-5 years - cot bed for toddlers & juniors

RUNO is a versatile piece of furniture that can be adjusted as the child grows, making it a cost-effective  option for generations by providing a comfortable sleeping space for newborns and toddlers alike, while also saving money in the long run. NUKI cot bed larger dimensions (140x70 cm) provides a spacious sleeping area for the baby and once your little one has outgrown the cot, the side can be removed to create a toddler bed, in order to give a second life to your furniture.

This becomes a smooth transition for your little one from a cot to a regular Junior bed, as they are already familiar with the sleeping surface. RUNO can be manoeuvred through standard door frames, mean easy and safe mobility, so when the time comes your wooden cot can be moved into the nursery where it will become a stunning centrepiece to treasure for years to come.



Feel the peace & security of sleep and the love bond with your little one. Your greatest treasure is right next to you where RUNO stays. All the rest has long been designed:

  • the best combination between style, sustainability, safety and comfort 
  • all-in-one timeless cot bed: co-sleeping cradle, independent cradle and child's bed 
  • sustainable balanced design, combining form and function in a unique way
  • continuous height adjustment ensures a precise relationship with the parents' bed
  • natural beech beauty created for the beauty of new life
  • flexible height adjustment system saving your back from stooping during the first few weeks
  • safe air circulation thanks to the ventilation holes in the birch cot base 
  • produced in the EU according to current safety standards EN 716-1



RUNO in Polish means UNDERGROWTH - a forest ground, a forest species richness, a place of shelter for many species of animals and the growth of countless plants.  This word meaning defines also the perfect place for the growth of what’s tiny & beautiful. For us, RUNO means also wealth of renewable raw material, timeless form and natural love energy which surrounds your child.

The nobility of solid beech timber and the beautifully subdued wood color emphasize that RUNO is a sustainable project created for years. In times when quantity far exceeds quality - we focus on pro ecological production, where caring for the environment and minimizing the generated carbon footprint is one of the most important values.From the elegant matte finish beech timber to the pencil edging, going through the rounded legs: each and every detail has been considered in order to ensure an impeccable quality. We’re truly hoping that you keep calm and take yourself a rest whilst baby sleeps peacefully in our crafted with sustainable FSC certified timber cot bed. 

RUNO is made entirely of solid beech & birch wood, bent with precision and hand-sanded with silky smoothness & nursery-friendly paint finish. It’s a piece of furniture that meets also our aesthetic dreams, which delights with its Scandinavian style together with local production and cooperation with fully automated production centers. 



Beech wood is less susceptible to scratches and damage than pine wood, which is used for cheaper production of most beds and cradles. Thanks to its hardness, durability and great quality, it is safer for your child than any other wood.

Designed to last, every RUNO is made using sustainably sourced wood, without the use of MDF, chipboard or veneer. Everything we create, we build for years, which is our best expression of opposition to the throwaway culture that destroys the environment. Solid beech is not only the nobleness of the raw material, but also its great resistance to wear and bending, better stiffness and lack of any splinters due to compact wood fibers.

All this provide your family with the highest quality a piece of wooden furniture, preserving the beauty of nature. Using the best production technologies, our multifunctional cot bed has almost imperceptible fasteners, giving it extraordinary safety & subtlety whilst use.



RUNO cot bed bundle can also include foam mattress with baby safe fibre filling for optimum support. It features a removable fabric cover to protect the mattress core and make washing easy. It’s a standard option for set up your cot but we have so many ways to comfort you child which you find in MATTRESSES category

Data sheet

Material type
Hand-polished molded beech wood frame + beech rods, birch wood cot base
Origin Controlled Wood
We’ve teamed up with Polish suppliers, both workshops and fully automated local factories to provide you with outstanding quality designs. We maintain only local production chain which reduces our carbon footprint.
FSC-certified Wood
Solid and hand sanded Beech wood, strong due to the slow-growing process in cold European forests
Scratch and damage resistance
Beech wood is less prone to scratches and damage than pine wood - the one used mainly for cheeper and worse quality cots & cradles production.
Thanks to its hardness, durability and the great quality it's more safe for your baby than any other wood.
Long-life furniture
NUKI item itself is built for years, our best statement against the throw-away culture destroying our environment
Strong & safe
NUKI cot beds follow and exceed EU safety standards for stability and strength. All edges are beautifully rounded and smooth
Two layers of EU certified water base, children safe varnish
Adapted mattress 70x140 cm
use of eco water based varnish safe for children, curved edges
EN716; EN71-3: non-toxic paints and varnishes

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