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White Balance Board WAVE

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Grab the Wave and surf with NUKI

Joy, activity and fun define the WAVE balance board, developed to find the balance whenever you feel like it.

Developed in NUKI studio and manufactured locally in Europe. Hand-polished and oiled edges of sustainable birch wood with two layers of safe varnish is followed by the incredible smoothness of the surfing balance board.

Size: 70 x 24 cm


Joy, activity and fun define the WAVE balance board, developed to find the balance whenever you feel like it. The NUKI balance board is perfect for any type of rehabilitation and exercise: warm-up, sensory, motor, medical or therapeutic training. A simple yet powerful tool for improving core strength, coordination, and balance right in the comfort of your own space.

Surfing, skateboarding, windsurfing or longboarding, everyone who’s tried it knows that without balance, you can’t achieve harmony of the movement. A good balance of risk reduction and training balance helps support posture and coordination, which is why WAVE is for anyone who wants to incorporate the supplement and develop their athletic skills.

The harder the surface, the greater the level of fun and support for board movement, so when starting balance training, it’s worth using an exercise mat or other, slightly softer surface. 

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Our surfing balance board helps to benefit everyone, doesn’t matter if you’re 5, 10, 30 or 50 years old, but be careful balancing on it is very addictive once you get into it ;) When you figure out and fell the movement harmony, you’ll understand how much your body needs the WAVE. We truly believe that’s all about the details that’s why we’ve developed something not only perfect for „life balance” but purely beautiful in matter of shape - the surf board design. Thanks to its streamline size, you can easily take it wherever you want, while the surf design will bring back the best summer memories whenever you need it for.

The significant part o our WAVE board, is a multifunctional roller which perfectly stabilizes the movements of the balancer. Made of 100% ecological and renewable natural cork, WAVE roller is created in the process of sustainable production, which is completely in line with our beliefs. Sustainability is the base truth of NUKI, as is the added value that we put into each of our products. That’s why you may use the WAVE as a massage roller for body care, massage and Pilates exercises. The cork material makes the roller dense & durable and provides better rolling resistance than traditional foam rollers. If you want to reduce its „twisting feeling”, you can wrap a thin yoga mat or towel around it - that would make balancing much easier!

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Balance barefoot or in shoes, and for better grip use the anti-slip tape which you’ll find in the balance box. Always keep in mind that WAVE can lift up to 120 kg so grab a board, catch your balance and let yourself be carried away by the harmony of movement!

SURF will travel easily with you wherever you go. Cool surfing board shape and carefully finished design ensures that workouts are always at fingertips as there is no need for hiding it in between workouts.

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  1. - develope motor coordination & Improve fine motor skills
  2. - exercising body control &
  3. - sustainable and 100% recyclable materials
  4. - multifunctionality of training and relaxing massage
  5. - ideal tool for body maintenance
  6. - open up tense muscles & improve mobility and train abs
  7. - prevent injuries

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The WAVE balance board is made of high-quality, hand-sanded, sustainably sourced birch plywood.

Plywood is one of the strongest natural materials. Made of 18 layers of birch wood, carefully selected for its durability and beauty, it delights. We leave the edges exposed and hand oiled to expose the natural multi-layeredness of the wood.

Safety stops on the bottom of the board prevent the roller from slipping out during use. This is especially important for beginners as it allows them to feel more confident.

Natural birch wood WAVE balance board is hand polished and has three layers of varnish, which is followed by the incredible smoothness of the product. WAVE balance board is designed by our studio and made in the EU. It has a two-year warranty for private use.

Data sheet

Material type
100% biodegradable recycled cork
hand-polished, durable birch wood, covered with highly durable HPL laminate, of renowned European brands
FSC-certified Wood
100% European Birch wood, strong due to the slow-growing process in cold forests. Extra-stable 18-24mm plywood
100% recycled and recyclable cork, an eco-friendly and renewable natural material that aligns with our values
The furniture is next-generation flat-packed to reduce the carbon footprint on storage and transportation. We are packaging with minimal use of plastic and we use recyclable packaging
Long-life furniture
NUKI item itself is built for years, our best statement against the throw-away culture destroying our environment
Strong & safe
All NUKI accessories are made to last of an extra-thick 12-24mm plywood. All edges are beautifully hand sanded, rounded and smooth.
2 layers of certified EU lacquer
14-21 days
indoor and outdoor

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