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The WAVE pouf is designed to carry you on a wave of softness. We wanted this velvet silkiness to appear in our beloved world of birch wood. First there was a vision which led us to the softness of sensations... This is how the pouf, built on the lightness and extraordinary form springiness, lifted us from the ground! 

The combination of two velvet materials, rounded shape and the wave line gives you a soft and inviting expression to seat and relax. Pouf consists of two different types of foam; firm foam to maintain the shape of the bottom part of the pouf and softer foam on the upper part for great seating comfort. WAVE is a multi-functional piece of furniture and can, for example, be used as an extension for your sofa, as a seat for a coffee table or as a decorative seat in the bedroom. 

It is available in soft and luxurious closely woven velour in a range of soft colors, great for adding calm, texture and warmth to the interior. Cozy home spaces, elegant apartments, stylish boutiques and the best hotel lobbies... These are the places where the WAVE matches perfectly. Its diversity of sizes gives even more possibilities than you think ;)

The Wave S pouf is the smallest item. A small, handy form that can become a bedside table, a footstool by the sofa, a small seat in the hall or a small space in a children's room.

The Wave M pouf is a middle form. A coffee table, a wardrobe piece of furniture or a spacious seat in the hall are just a fiew options of his abilities.

The Wave L pouf is the largest size in the collection. A masterpiece where the very size of the form is a value. Elegance, chic and craftsmanship define it as a boutique pouf.


  • The versatility and elasticity of the form
  • Soft velvet fabric combination
  • Multifunctional sizes
  • Hand-made and durability of the structure

Data sheet

Material type moisture-resistant velvet upholstery fabric, two types of polyurethane foams: firm and soft one
Handmade a handcrafted piece of furniture, made to order
Delivery 2-4 weeks; the necessity of opening and checking no damages during the shipment process, in a presence of the courier

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