Each shelf, bed or table, hanger and wall panel are hand sanded, machined with detailed precision, and then individually checked before being made available for sale.


The designs of our furniture are appreciated by both customers and professionals. The Jury of ŁÓDŹ DESIGN FESTIVAL  awarded one of our iconic products - the FLEX table with the prestigious Must Have title.


No visible fixings for the components of our furniture. This means that every structural element, even invisible during use, is finished - varnished and sanded - at the same quality level as the visible elements.


NUKI means not only the highest quality materials used in the production of your furniture, but most of all the highest quality. The carpenters working on NUKI furniture are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience and recognition. Furniture from their hands can be found in many offices and apartments in the country and abroad.


Rounded edges of the furniture, shapes that encourage exploration, as well as varnishes and oils that are safe for children. You could label them "Designed by the parents of two busy boys" ... We just know what the topic is all about: kids and furniture.


We live, work and pay taxes here. We absolutely believe in our products! Nuki plywood products are our whole life. We will be very pleased if they also visit your home.

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