NUKI is a brand established in 2016. Experienced across furniture and product design, we come up with good ideas and implement them effectively in the most appropriate time. NUKI was founded with ambition at heart and technology at hand. We are a pack of experienced, highly creative designers from various backgrounds. We invest in the right experienced people, appreciating that a team’s strength is dependant on the combination of individuals within it. 

We provide a high quality work where we can bring value. Each of our design are handpicked to ensure that it shares and strengthens our vision of creating timeless design where every product has a meaning. Nowadays we should evolve from mass production and embrace a spectrum of possibilities instead of just one standard which will set customers, like ourselves, free, and allow for limitless creation. 

To engage and discuss our offer please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always refining our approach and collaborating with others to innovate further.