Modular bookcase RAKT 11

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Discover the RAKT modular bookcase, designed to give you as many creative options as possible to arrange your interior. We created it to fit each story and meet all your needs.

You can easily create a functional bookcase, unique wall unit or a one-of-a-kind sideboard. All this thanks to removable RAKT cabinets, creating your own place for storage. The minimalist design of the wooden shelves makes them an ideal solution for storing all the things that matter the most, while being a beautiful interior decoration.

But what if your vision changes? You can easily transform the bookcase into a completely new arrangement. The free disassembly of 11 modules enables countless combinations and a multi-functional "for years" solution.

RAKTS are combined with each other to form a coherent whole, but they are not mounted to the wall, so you can change their configuration when you have just such a whim;). Connecting individual modules is both a creative and stable solution, preventing possible shifts and undesirable movements of the rack.

What if you don't need the entire rack anymore? It is enough to divide it into individual modules, place it vertically or horizontally so that it can perfectly serve as a bedside table, cabinet or mini bookcase.


  • premium birch plywood
  • unlimited arrangement options
  • multifunctionality and multitasking
  • silky smoothness workmanship
  • high strength and stability
  • quick and easy to assembly


Plywood is one of the strongest natural materials. Made of 13 layers of birch wood, carefully selected for its durability and beauty, it delights. The edges are left exposed and hand-oiled to expose the natural multi-layer nature of the wood.

The color of your bookcase has been selected from a range of colors. Subdued natural birch wood, soft white or black, will bring a touch of nature to your home.

Each cabinet is hand polished and has three layers of varnish, which is followed by the incredible smoothness of the product. We use the highest quality material for each element of our products, so you can be sure that your books will be held well, without wobbling, bending or swaying.


Are you fed up with hours spent assembling furniture? NUKI facilitates and streamlines this process. Along with the furniture, you get an intuitive manual for use and assembly of your unique piece of furniture. For security reasons, we recommend that tall rack configurations are attached to the wall.

We deliver your bookcase in numbered boxes, where each part is marked and precisely described to speed up your operation;) We pack the furniture flat to ensure safety during transport, easy lifting and carrying, as well as reduce the carbon footprint. The packaging is also environmentally friendly, made of recycled cardboard.


Our furniture is there to inspire you to design your own. If you want to create your unique bookcase, screen or other type of "partition wall", write to us at and we will help you design your perfect piece of furniture;) We guarantee that we will match it best to the needs of your dining room, bedroom, living room or hall.

Try our system and be creative in your project!

Data sheet

Material type 100% birch plywood
Handmade polished and varnished by hand, on individual order
Depth 35 cm
Height individual module height 36 cm
Width small module 33 cm, large module 66 cm
Delivery 4-8 weeks, the necessity of opening and checking no damages during the shipment process, in a presence of the courier

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