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Latex-coconut mattresses consist of natural latex foam and a coconut mat. Due to their natural interior, they are hypoallergenic, so babies can sleep on them from the first moments of life. Parents are more and more willing to choose mattresses for a cot, ensuring the highest comfort of sleep for their children. Latex mattresses are health-promoting solutions that guarantee adequate support for the spine, head and all other parts of the child's body.

Babies under the age of nine or even twelve months of age need a harder bed, so the best solution for them are latex mattresses with a possible coconut mat. The top side contains the aforementioned coconut layer, which is an appropriate support for the delicate body in the first months of life. The other side of the children's mattress is softer as the direct support is made of latex foam. Above nine months of age, the baby mattress is turned inside out - the softer side. In this way, the use is economical, as it can fulfill its function for several years.

MATTRESS CONSTRUCTION: 5 cm perforated latex plate and 2 cm latex coconut plate, 1st hardness zone. Medical Device Kl. I. Internal cotton cover, external cover quilted with 100g cotton, removable. Aegis Natural Care knit.

NOTES: Reversible mattress, developmental - coconut side intended for infants up to 8-9 months. The insert is made without the use of glue, the sides of each element can be changed independently, which extends the service life.


Data sheet

Age 0+
Height 9 cm
Lenght 140 cm
Width 70 cm
Delivery 14-21 days
Country of origin made in Poland
Safety latex foam certified with Eco-Tex Standard and Euro-Latex

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