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BIO BAMBOO foam mattresses are made of high-quality materials, especially flame-retardant foam. Highly resilient foams used in mattresses are materials with excellent air permeability. In addition, they fit perfectly to the figure. They are light, which makes transport and handling much easier.

CONSTRUCTION: BIO caltschaum foam board of high density and hardness, produced with the addition of renewable raw materials in the form of vegetable oils. Latex with silicone gel absorbs excess moisture from the surroundings of the mattress - prevents the feeling of sweaty skin, improves the microclimate and protects against the development of fungi and mold. Outer cover made of quilted fabric with air-conditioned non-woven fabric. Over 30% of the composition is made of bamboo viscose. It is very durable and pleasant to touch at the same time.

Bamboo absorbs excess environmental moisture better than cotton. During the day, excess moisture is released into the environment in small doses when the air humidity drops. Bamboo viscose is odor-absorbing. It absorbs odors from the environment and returns them when cleaning or washing. Gives covers bacteriostatic properties. Creates an inhospitable environment for microbes and mites. It is completely anti-allergic. It can be washed using programs for delicate knitted fabrics at temperatures up to 60 degrees C. Eko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. High-density foam insert ensures durability of the product and optimal support for the spine. The composition of the knitted fabric - bamboo fiber 31% / pe 69%.

NOTES: a firm and medium-hard mattress, double-sided, two usable sides. Unrestricted pages. Hard for smaller children (2+) and medium-hard, covered with latex for older and heavier children. Possibility of making non-standard sizes within the standard offer. Mattress layers arranged without the use of glue. Foam sides can be swapped to extend product life. Climalatex with a smooth and massage side, according to individual customer preferences.

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Age 0+, 2+, 7+, without limits
Delivery 14-21 days
Country of origin made in Poland
Safety use of textiles with Oeko-Tex® Standard Certificate , latex foam certified with Eco-Tex Standard and Euro-Latex

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