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Pre-school children are volcanoes of energy. There is no corner they will not climb, there is no tree they will not want to climb, and there is no cupboard they will not try to climb. While this energy is easy to use when the weather is beautiful outside and you can freely let the little ones outside, the problem arises when you cannot leave the house and the energy has no outlet. NUKI has the perfect solution to this problem for you - a swing in two versions. Carefully made of the best quality plywood, covered with a resistant laminate and protected with oil, such a swing can be beneficial for the parents of all children who are bursting with energy. Our swings are adapted to the needs of children, thanks to the rounded edges, among other things.

In our offer you will find two basic variants of swings - rectangular and round. They perform basically the same function, although while rectangular swings are suitable for children from the age of four, round swings should not be used by children younger than five years old. Whichever shape you choose, you can count on a wide range of colors, both plywood and rope.