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Over 200 years of training
The history of the gymnastic wall bars goes back to the end of the 18th century, but today its presence in our lives is of great importance. Invented in Sweden in the mid-nineteenth century, it spread in Europe and later it could be observed all over the world. Thanks to its simple structure and small size, it has become a permanent fixture not only in exercise rooms, rehabilitation offices, but also in our homes, providing not only rehabilitation opportunities for children, but also allowing adults to exercise and stretch their spine after often sitting in front of a computer all day long.

Children's room with the FunActive gymnastic wall bar
Products from the Home Gym category, such as climbing walls or gymnastic wall bars, support the development of children from an early age. The FunActive ladder has been designed to give full functionality of the gymnastic wall bar and to be completely safe for the youngest children of our house thanks to the possibility of disassembling some of the rungs.

FunActive - exercise through play
Gymnastic ladders offer a wide range of exercises that children can do at home, regardless of the weather outside. Even inconspicuous games on the FunActive gymnastic wall bar allow not only our kids to develop but also to correct their posture. Thanks to the use of gymnastic wall bars, the muscles of the shoulders, backs and abdomen are strengthened, and hanging down causes relaxation of the tight spine, which will also be useful for older household members.

FunActive gymnastic ladder and work at the desk at different heights.
We have designed the FunAcvite gymnastic wall bar so that it can also be used as a place for drawing or work, and, importantly, at different heights. At any time, you can move the desk to the higher rungs and in times of home office you can work on a laptop while standing up.
In addition, the desk can also act as a lock so that children do not go higher than we want in our absence. Then you only need to move the desk support and it's ready.

Why is it worth installing a gymnastic wall bar at home!
Of course, the main argument in favor of installing a gymnastic wall bar at home is the proper psychomotor development of our children, but let's not forget about ourselves! Even a few seconds of hanging on the FunActive gymnastic bracket will give our spine a lot of relaxation.
Let's show the children a few simple exercises like pull-ups, hanging or pulling their legs up to the stomach and the whole family will have a lot of joy and fun every day. In addition, regularity will allow you to shape correct habits, which play a very important role not only in terms of sports exercises, but have an impact on our whole life.

The main advantages of the FunActive wall bar at home
- They don't take up much space in the room
- It gives a lot of joy on a daily basis
- Stimulates a correct figure in children
- Affects the proper psychomotor development
- They allow the pain of the adult spine to fall asleep
- Gives you the ability to easily install the desk
- Enables you to work standing up
- It improves well-being not only physically