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A garden in front of the house or flowers on the balcony? Or maybe you want to plant fresh herbs to liven up your kitchen? No matter what you need it for - It is important that you have a place to do it. Here you will find a flowerbed for yourself!

Our flower beds feel good in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, decorating and giving your interior a natural feel. JUNGLE plant stands are also ideal as screens or partitions in the office space so that each employee has a bit of privacy, even when working in an open space.

The combination of the decorative element of flowerbeds and their soundproofing qualities make them also applicable in restaurants and cafes, giving them a unique atmosphere.

Of course, the whole thing is very aesthetically made, which allows you to freely enjoy the eye with a nicely designed and made piece of furniture, without thinking how it was created.

And this is what flowerbeds are for: to look nice. We offer small and large flower beds, light and dark, with and without an additional screen.

We designed and built all JUNGLE flower stands ourselves, here in Poznań. We want to create a variety of and at the same time universal furniture that will work well in many interiors. The Scandinavian style in which we create gives us just such opportunities. We focus on ease of use and a minimalist, elegant look.