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A design that is in line with the daily need for physical activity, a solid and flexible structure, as well as great durability and development by fun, stylish and practical - these are the most important features of our wall bars!

The FUNACTIVE gymnastic wall bar was created to meet the natural need for activity and development for all of us. Keeping this in mind, we’ve designed a piece of furniture that can be used by all family members. Starting from the youngest and their endless energy, through older children and teenagers who can develop their sports passions, ending with adults who need so much activity in the "home office" reality.

Ballet and artistic gymnastics, stretching and yoga, fitness or endurance training, each individually and all together can become everyday life thanks to our FUNACTIVE gymnastic wall bar.

The flexibility of NUKI wall bar has been created with care for children safety and suitable to their age conditions for climbing and playing activities. Rounded, hand-sanded edges, natural water-based varnishes, a perfectly smooth surface of beech wood and birch plywood are a natural basis for the wall bar highest quality and the craftsmanship.

FUNAVTICE gives you the chance to follow the changes and next phases in the child's development, thus harmonizing with the principles of Montessori philosophy. 

The gymnastic wall bar goes with a functional click-on desktop, which thanks to its shape and size is a great space-saving desk for creative fun and school work. The desk can also be useful for adults when they want to stretch and work while standing. 

What’s more  you can also adjust wall bar size according to your needs or the interior height. Wooden bars disassembly allows the family members to use FUNACTIVE in the most safe and the best way for them. 

There are so many ways of NUKI wall bars use and we could point them infinitely long, but we cannot skip how important part of a healthy lifestyle FUNACTIVE can become... If only you could stretch for 10 minutes in "HOME OFFICE" breaks every day? Life would be healthier right away ;)


  •       Activity by fun
  •       Multitasking and flexible form
  •       A product created for generations
  •       Simply brilliant and so stylish 
  •       Rounded edges and safety of use
  •       Intuitive instruction
  •       Quick assembly: 25-30 minutes

The NUKI gymnastic wall bar is available in several colors to perfectly match your needs. Its extended lifespan and timeless design language makes FUNACTIVE a highly sustainable product. Thanks to a well-thought-out structure and intuitive instructions, the time of its submission is estimated at about 25-30 minutes depending on manual skills;)

Data sheet

Age use in the parent presence
Compositions birch plywood, beech wood
Depth 36 cm
Width 77 cm
Capacity weight up to 120kg
Care instruction clean with damp cloth
Delivery 4-8 weeks, the necessity of opening and checking no damages during the shipment process, in a presence of the courier
Safety curved edges

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