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The table is the heart of the house. Like it or not, all the household members gather around him.

Regardless of whether you want to dine with your family, design a skyscraper, settle taxes or

paint an art work with your child - you need a comfortable surface where you can do it. Our table tops and desks are designed with people doing ordinary things in mind, from eating meals to drawing technical drawings. They are made of birch plywood, covered with varnish, laminate or natural veneer, simple and pleasing to the eye - these are NUKI tables and desks, modeled on the Scandinavian style. Furniture made of the highest quality materials, with the user's comfort in mind: you will find such products in our store.

We offer simple design in various sizes and shapes so that you can choose the best design.

Tailored to your needs, matching your interior.

Living room, kitchen or dining room need a table or a bench; a study or a child's room - desks. Or maybe you want to equip your office? There are many needs, even more possibilities - read carefully the offer of our store or check our arrangements on NUKI profiles in social media.