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For many years, our passion has been designing and manufacturing furniture. From the beginning of the company's existence, we have managed to significantly expand both the scope and quality of our services. The result is solutions as innovative as our baby beds and cradles.

They have been designed with the comfort, functionality and safety of children in mind - the youngest as well as the slightly older ones. Refined in every detail, Nuki products are hand sanded and varnished, which guarantees the highest quality. We use the latest technologies in carpentry, thanks to which we are sure that the final product is completely safe for your child.

In our offer you will find cradles for babies that are highly recommended for the proper development of a child. Their unique aesthetics is emphasized by the use of invisible fasteners, which not only do not disfigure the furniture but also give it lightness. We also offer minimalistic beds with the possibility of disassembling the extension, thanks to which a DREAM bed is created that will serve your little one until the age of six. Our classic crib is tailored to the needs of both younger children and teenagers, thanks to the possibility of personalizing the appearance and choosing from several available frame sizes.