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3-in-1 Baby changing unit designed for multi-functions scenarios 

KOI the dresser, the bathtub and changing table all-in-one is convenient for parents to bathe and change diapers for their baby. The drain pipe is designed to facilitate the automatic removal of bath water. The structure of the nursing table is ergonomically designed and the right height allows parents to take care of the baby without getting too tired.



KOI changing unit with a white chest of drawers and a bathtub, a bathtub and a hose is a safe product, tailored to the needs of the toddler and his mother. A modern bookcase is a combination of a comfortable changing table, a handy chest of drawers and a bathtub. A changing table in a chest of drawers with characteristic raised edges guarantees safety during use. Built into the bookcase is – hidden under the changing table, pull-out on wheels, a bathtub by Rotho Babydesign from the Top Line series.

Thanks to the drain present in the bathtub, we do not have to take it off when it is filled with water. After bathing, just place the bucket under the tub and empty the tub through the hose. Another great advantage of the chest of drawers is the possibility of replacing the top with a hole for the bathtub with a full one. When the baby grows out of the bath from a small bathtub, replace the top adapted to the bathtub with a full one. We get an additional shelf, space for toys or other children’s ideas.

The chest of drawers is equipped with two spacious drawers, where you can hide all the accessories for the care of the baby and clothes. The set includes a full / removable top in place of the bathtub. An aesthetic towel hanger is also attached to the chest of drawers. The chest of drawers is suitable for right and left-handed people.




We offer you a versatile product, which consists of: a bathtub, a chest of drawers and a changing table. Thanks to this solution, all activities related to the care of a child can be performed in one place. Thanks to the spacious drawers, the necessary accessories are always at hand. The tub for children is hidden under the changing table and has a drain with a hose. Thanks to this, you save space in the children’s room and easily drains water.


We have taken care of every detail of a multifunctional piece of furniture for you and your child. The changing table in the dresser has raised edges that prevent it from tipping over during use, and the pull-out bathtub has non-slip elements. The high quality of the materials used makes the entire structure durable and stable. Our furniture is tailored to the needs of toddlers and their mothers.


Our product is timeless. When your baby grows up, the changing mat is easy to dismantle. Don’t worry, disassembly will not leave a trace. When the bathtub is no longer needed, you can replace the top. Thanks to this, you get an additional shelf! This solution provides more space for storing clothes and toys.


The simple design of the furniture makes it suitable for both a very modern space and places with a classic atmosphere. White color goes well with a boy’s and girl’s room. In addition, subdued colors brighten and optically enlarge the interior. We are guided not only by aesthetic considerations, but also by functionality and solidity of workmanship!


Each piece of furniture is made with the greatest attention to detail. Therefore, we are sure that we offer you a durable and long-lasting product. However, if for some reason it is not what you expected, do not worry – we will refund your money.



Feel the comfort of having what's important close at hand. Make a change in your daily diapers routine cause KOI is right next to you, all the rest has long been designed:

  • multifunctional piece of furniture with long-lasting point of view
  • the best combination between style, safety and comfort  
  • it's always about natural birch wood details
  • changing table | bathtub station | chest of drawer
  • large changing top with to keep everything what's need around
  • produced in the EU according to current safety standards and norms

The spacious chests are suitable to everything from diapers to muslin cloths and clothes.The nursery top's rounded edges and the generous amount of space makes for a safe and comfortable nursing environment – with room for movement and play as well as the important intimate contact between baby and parent. The changing top is easily and safely mounted on the dresser with latches, which are designed to firmly grasp around the dresser’s edge. When the nursery plate is no longer needed, it is easily removed – and leaves the dresser to its purpose for many years to come.

The drawers are equipped with self-adjusting guides with a silent closing system. A metal, longitudinal towel hanger is mounted on the right and left sides of the chest of drawers.

Data sheet

Material type
KOI frame and drawers made of engineered wood with a laminate; knobs are made of sustainably sourced birch wood
Particle board is often made from recycled wood particles, sawdust, and other wood waste materials, making it an eco-friendly option. It reduces the need for harvesting new trees and helps utilize wood by-products effectively
Scratch and damage resistance
Less prone to expansion and contraction compared to solid wood. Its engineered structure reduces the effects of moisture, humidity, and temperature changes, making it more stable and less susceptible to warping
The furniture is next-generation flat-packed to reduce the carbon footprint on storage and transportation. We are packaging with minimal use of plastic and we use recyclable packaging
highly durable HPL laminate renowned European
Care instruction
wipe with a damp cloth, do not use detergents or corrosive cleaning agents
Country of origin
made in Poland

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