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What do you pay attention to when choosing furniture for your home? Is it shape, color, functionality or maybe the material used? At NUKI, we make sure that each of the products we offer perfectly harmonize with each other and add warmth to each room. For the production of furniture, we use the highest quality birch plywood, which is an extremely durable material. Its extraordinary strength, resistance to deformation and extremely aesthetic multi-layer structure made it our favorite among other raw materials. Plywood is a very demanding raw material to process, and its layered structure visible in some products gives them a unique character. The natural look of our furniture makes it suitable for both small and large rooms. Our elegant and stylish products will be a great base for further decoration.

Playing with plywood, we also use laminates and natural veneers, thanks to which we can keep the visible multi-layer structure of the plywood and offer our customers products with the structure of oak, walnut or any other tree on the surface of the table tops or sides.

In recent years, you can observe a significant increase in the popularity of minimalist, orderly interiors. They attract the eye with subdued colors, symbolic accessories and raw furniture with simple shapes. At NUKI, we are well aware of the reasons why the minimalist style has so many followers. In our opinion, minimalist furniture has a timeless value and fulfills many functions. They allow you to create a warm, homely atmosphere without unnecessary additions and decorations. The authentic look of plywood allows us to add charm to ordinary, everyday products and bring the interior of the apartment closer to nature.

To emphasize the natural effect of Nuki furniture, it is worth dressing them in green plants that will beautifully contrast with the tones of our furniture.