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It takes up to 2 weeks to provide You with your FLEX

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The PEG BOARD has been designed to help you arrange your interiors in an unlimited and creative way. The base of the board is the CLIMBING WALL MODULE, which enables the installation of PEG SHELVES in countless combinations, thus providing flexible solutions "for years".

It is a piece of furniture that can alternately give you joy and energy from your activities and climbing exercises, or create the perfect solution for keeping your favorite things within easy reach. By assembling the SHELVES into the MODULE, you give it a new shape and completely change its functionality. With more shelves, you create a unique "wall storage system” where the shape can change whenever you whish for it. You just need to twist PEGs into new places ;)

Each BOARD has an amazing smoothness because of handcrafted nature of the product. An indispensable part of the PEG BOARDS are PEGs made of durable beech wood. PEG BOARD will work both vertically and horizontally, because YOU decide what configuration of shelves to create on it. We can only suggest which sets and arrangements can meet your innermost expectations ;)


  • unlimited arrangement options
  • multifunctionality and multitasking
  • silky smoothness workmanship
  • high strength and stability
  • quick and easy to assembly

The lifting capacity of the SHELVES is extremely high in this case due to  climbing wall module assembling. Just keep in mind that their depth makes them an ideal solution for books, toys, small decorative elements or plants. Larger items may not fit on them.

Go ahead, you are free to personalize your own PEG BOARD! 

* Above images are just some examples of PEG BOARD and PEG SHELVES ombinations. The price concerns one BOARD.

Data sheet

Dimensions 120x60x1,5 cm
Compositions birch plywood
Care instruction clean with dry cloth, avoid moisture
Delivery 2-4 weeks; the necessity of opening and checking no damages during the shipment process, in a presence of the courier

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