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It takes up to 4 weeks to provide You with your FLEX

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The "Soft" bench is inspired by your favorite place in the home to spend time with your family, kids, and friends. If you really think about it, that place is usually a spot on a soft carpet, a cozy sofa, or a super comfy armchair.

But what if you don’t have that much space? What it you need that comfort in a hall, the bathroom or a kids’ room? You’ll always find room for the "Soft" bench. And you can always drape your favourite blanket on it for good measure.

We pay attention to the smallest details such us curved edges which makes the furniture even more special. Every item is unique due to the handcrafted nature of the product. It comes in flatpack with instructions to assemble.

Data sheet

Material type birch plywood
Handmade polished and varnished by hand, on individual order
Height 38 cm
Lenght 109 cm
Width 35 cm
Care instruction clean with damp cloth
Delivery 4-8 weeks, the necessity of opening and checking no damages during the shipment process, in a presence of the courier

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